Moirai Daredevil


Pictured at 4 1/2 months old

(aka Matt Murdock). This handsome little buck is my next up and coming herdsire! He is a very special little buck, out of GC BISS Moirai Raquel and Moirai Electric Sheep, and he. is. stunning. He has fantastic WOW density and texture, the best that I've personally felt on a buck his age, and good dark coloring. He also has a nice body type. I am so so excited to watch this boy develop! I have a feeling he's going to be quite the stunner in a few months. I'm really looking forward to showing him this Spring/Fall! 

DOB: 12/6/17


Bri's Cairo


BOSV, Kaw Valley RC, Show A, 10/7/17
BOV, BOS MO State Convention Show, Show A, 12/2/17

Bri's Cairo is a REW sr buck out of GC Bri's Arctic Elegance (15 GC legs) and Bri's Dauntless (3 GC legs). Cairo is a beautiful little buck with an incredible dense and lovely textured coat,  nice little body, and the sweetest personality I've ever had in a buck. He's always bouncing up to the door for kisses or to bump his nose against yours, and he loves any kind of cuddling and attention. He's also  very clean for a REW buck, which I love. He's a promising buck with a lot to add to my herd genetically, and a very nice match for Colleen. I was very impressed with his coat density, length, and texture at 7 months old. 

1 Grandchampion leg


Reference Animals


This is GC Flowers' Fresno. He is a buck I borrowed from a friend to sire my spring 2018 show litters. He is an absolutely outstanding buck - very very nice body type and great density. He is primarily from Silvertone breeding. Overall, a lovely buck who I'm thrilled to have gotten to borrow and introduce - if temporarily - to my breeding program.