Dustibunni’s Danny/Mike


Danny is a very nice REW buck all the way from Ohio! He has very nice density, a nice short and compact body, and the best furnishings. He goes back to some very nice animals, and I’m excited to have his bloodlines in my herd! He is my current herdsire. He is absolutely the sweetest buck - sweet, affectionate, and cuddly when he’s in the right mood. He’ll do nearly anything for a treat, and bounces right up to the door for petting every day! Don’t currently have a picture of him in a full coat - he came to me clipped down.


Reference Animals

Moirai Daredevil


This handsome buck is my former. He is a very special little buck, out of GC BISS Moirai Raquel and Moirai Electric Sheep. He is absolutely beautiful. He has a nice body and a fantastic coat, and is overall a very promising buck. His coat there is pictured at 9 months old and was one of the easiest care show coats I’ve ever had. He has 1 BOV leg. I ended up keeping one daughter out of him - Typhoid Mary - before he moved on, and she is a truly beautiful doe.

DOB: 12/6/17


This is GC Flowers' Fresno. He is a buck I borrowed from a friend to sire my spring 2018 show litters. He is an absolutely outstanding buck - very very nice body type and great density. He is primarily from Silvertone breeding. Overall, a lovely buck who I'm thrilled to have gotten to borrow and introduce - if temporarily - to my breeding program.