Moirai Daredevil


This handsome buck is my current herdsire. He is a very special little buck, out of GC BISS Moirai Raquel and Moirai Electric Sheep. He is absolutely beautiful. He has a nice body and a fantastic coat, and is overall a very promising buck. His coat there is pictured at 9 months old and was one of the easiest care show coats I’ve ever had. He has 1 BOV leg.

DOB: 12/6/17


Bri's Cairo


BOSV, Kaw Valley RC, Show A, 10/7/17
BOV, BOS MO State Convention Show, Show A, 12/2/17

Bri's Cairo is a REW sr buck out of GC Bri's Arctic Elegance (15 GC legs) and Bri's Dauntless (3 GC legs). Cairo is a beautiful little buck with an incredible dense and lovely textured coat,  nice little body, and the sweetest personality I've ever had in a buck. He's always bouncing up to the door for kisses or to bump his nose against yours, and he loves any kind of cuddling and attention. He's also  very clean for a REW buck, which I love. He's a promising buck with a lot to add to my herd genetically, and a very nice match for Colleen. I was very impressed with his coat density, length, and texture at 7 months old. 

1 Grandchampion leg


Reference Animals


This is GC Flowers' Fresno. He is a buck I borrowed from a friend to sire my spring 2018 show litters. He is an absolutely outstanding buck - very very nice body type and great density. He is primarily from Silvertone breeding. Overall, a lovely buck who I'm thrilled to have gotten to borrow and introduce - if temporarily - to my breeding program.