English Angora Does


Moirai Colleen Wing


BOV MAAC Show, 6/9/17
BOV, BOB Sunflower RBA, 6/10/17

Colleen Wing is a black sr doe from Moirai Rabbitry. She is from outstanding breeding - half of her pedigree is Silvertone. Colleen has an incredible coat - her density and texture are beautiful and balanced, and pictures cannot do her justice. Her body type is very short, compact, and smooth - exactly as it should be. Overall, she is a truly stunning animal. I'm thrilled to own this doe! She's a nice little doe with a mind of her own and a personality to match. She does, however, still love having her head and ears pet and will never turn down a treat. She is registered and has 2 GC legs - BOB, and BOV (her BOB win was at just shy of 5 months old!) . 

2 Grandchampion legs


Grandchampion Elementary's Elektra


Best of Variety Show B Phelps County 9/15/18 - GC leg
Best of Breed Show A & B Gardner KS 10/6/18 - 2 GC legs

Elektra “Ellie” is a beautiful high rufus chocolate tort doe out of Moirai Colleen Wing and GC Flowers’ Fresno. This doe is absolutely stunning. Pick of her litter, I’ve had my eye on her since she was a little 3 week old baby, and she’s absolutely surpassed my every hope and expectation for her. She is the epitome of everything I hoped for out of this breeding, and more. She won her Grand Championship at 7 months old with 1 BOV leg and 2 BOB legs. She is the first of my rabbits to become a GC, something I never expected when I first put her on the show tables. She has a wonderful, solid body type and a gorgeous dense and nicely textured coat. This doe has a flair for dramatics - I’ve never had a rabbit throw tantrums like she does. Despite that she has taken her place as the heart and soul of my rabbitry, and I can’t wait to see what she does for my program moving forward.



Elementary's Gamora


Gamora is a beautiful chocolate doe out of Moirai Colleen Wing and GC Flowers' Fresno. She is full sister to Elektra, and equally as beautiful. She has a nice body and the most impressive density in my herd. She has the cutest furnishings, too. Genetically, I'm super excited about what she will add to my herd. She's a touch more laid back than her sister, with less fits thrown, but is just as bold and stubborn. She also has the most kissable nose in the rabbitry! While she is a beautiful animal, she was always second to her sister on the show tables and never won anything herself. She will definitely add something wonderful to my program though!



Elementary’s/CFB’s Typhoid Mary


Mary is a beautiful black doe who is the result of a cobreeding. Her sire is Moirai Daredevil, and her dam (owned by a friend) is Moirai Bea. She is the granddaughter of one of my favorite bucks, and is truly something special. Pictured at 5 months old. This doe is absolutely beautiful! She has her sire’s incredible density and coat and her dam’s body type. She is smooth from shoulders to tail and has a rock solid, wide hindquarter. She has yet to be shown, but will definitely be out in full force on the fall show tables!


Elementary's Kate Bishop


BOV, BOB Central Eastern MO RBA, Show A, 10/29/16
BOSV, BOS Youth & Ag Show, Show A, 3/11/17

Kate "Katie" Bishop is a lovely black tort sr doe out of Bungalow's Acadia and GC BHA's Lithium. She is a special little doe around here, being the first home-bred rabbit to stay on the homestead, and one of the first rabbits I ever showed. This doe had a stunning show coat - with excellent density, beautiful texture, and a nice coloring. She has a nice little body as well. I knew she had potential when she won BOB at her second show as a junior, placing over the senior class and a good sized showing of angoras. She ended her show career with two Grandchampion legs (BOB, BOS), and is now registered. She's got the sweetest, yet sassiest personality I've had in a doe. She's always eager for head rubs, but if you don't do things a certain way for her, she will let you know that she doesn't like it. I love my sweet Katie! 

2 Grandchampion legs