MO Picnic Show & Introduction of the 2018 Show Team

Last Saturday (May 12th) was the MO Picnic Show in Sedalia! We were up and hitting the road by 6am to get there on time to get entries in and to settle in grooming. I ended up taking 6 rabbits, all juniors. Daredevil was one, and I took 3 of Colleen's does, 1 of Kate's does, and 1 of Kate's bucks. 

Some beautiful REWs up for judging! A gorgeous Jr REW doe took BOB both shows. 

Some beautiful REWs up for judging! A gorgeous Jr REW doe took BOB both shows. 

I really do love rabbit shows. It's such a fun time getting to hang out and talk rabbits with my friends and fellow angora breeders, and it was great to get opinions on the rabbits I brought. The weather was gorgeous in the morning, too - nice and cloudy with a lovely breeze. It was perfect for getting all of the grooming done. I didn't get many pictures from the show, but I did stay for both Show A and B. 

I'm happy with how my juniors placed, and the comments I got on them. Daredevil, though, was BOS (2nd Best of Breed) both shows! A 5 month old Jr buck, and he already has two legs towards his Grandchampionship! I am beyond thrilled. The judges really liked his coat, and I know he's only going to get more and more beautiful over the next few months as he hits 6 months and his senior coat starts developing. I cannot wait! 

I also got very valuable input on my juniors from a friend of mine, and I can now officially say that I know which rabbits are staying from my spring 2018 breedings! So, without further wait, I'll introduce my two darling keepers!

Formally Introducing...

Elementary's Elektra


Oh, this doe! I've had my eye on her since she was a little 3 week old baby, and somehow I just knew that she'd be what I was hoping she would be. She's all of that and more! She has beautiful bright chocolate tort coloring and a very nice wide body. She's got some growing to do, but she is going to be a stunner in several months, I'm sure of it. 

She must know she's my favorite, and therefore is safe, because oh my. This doe knows how to throw a tantrum. She is a spitfire of a doe who throws fits if I do things she doesn't like, only to flip right around and look at me with that darling little face and tipped ears and makes it impossible to me to be mad at her. Definitely a keeper!

Formally introducing...

Elementary's Gamora


And then there's my little 'Mora. I love a good bright tort like Elektra, but nothing captures my heart quicker than a beautiful black or chocolate. And this doe is exactly that - perfectly beautiful! She has lovely thick facial furnishings, so only her little nose is visible, and it is oh so cute. She has a great coat developing and a very nice body, another doe who will be a stunner in a few months. 

She has a strong willed personality to match her sister, but is just a touch more laid back and is much less prone to throw a fit. They balance each other out! She is a very stubborn but sweet little doe, I am so excited to watch her grow. Both does will be shown all throughout the fall. 


These does are full sisters, sired by GC Flowers' Fresno. Their dam is Moirai Colleen Wing. They are from some very strong breeding, with amazing rabbits behind them, so it'll be a joy getting to watch them grow up and develop, and to put these little beauties on the show tables this fall. 


And this is Moirai Daredevil. He. is. gorgeous. Look at that coat! He is developing so well, I couldn't be more happy with him. His coat really is amazing - dense, beautiful color, and really nice texture. Both judges really liked him this past weekend, which led to him taking 2x BOS! This little guy only needs one more leg to earn his Grandchampionship, so I plan to coat him out through the summer and early fall to hopefully make that happen! 

The "babies" are all 10 weeks old now, so I guess they're not really babies anymore. I have a couple of beautiful show potential rabbits available (pictured on the Bunnies Available page!) and I also have several woolers available. I haven't had time to put them on the website yet, but I have 2 chocolate tort bucks, 1 blue tort doe, and 1 beautiful REW doe all available to wooler homes. If you're interested in any of them, email me!