The New Additions - Pygora Goats!


They're here! Our newest additions and next adventure in fiber farming... Pygora goats! We got these two a little earlier than expected, since originally the plan was to wait and get our first four next year, but the opportunity came up so we decided to just go for it. We've spent the last week putting up fencing and preparing, and on Saturday (the 21st), we were able to bring them home! 

It's been an adventure already. Since the only animals we've owned prior to this were cats, rabbits, and chickens, these two have definitely been a new challenge already. The first thing they did was find the one little section of burrs I'd missed in their pasture, so I've just been trying to carefully pick those out of their fiber. The second thing they did was tear open their bag of transition feed when I left it unattended for maybe 10 minutes, tops. The morning after bringing them home, we discovered that one of them can still squeeze her way through the cattle panel fencing very easily. Yay, goats!


This is Little Hawk Farm Eowyn, a darling white doeling with a Type A fleece. She was a bottle baby, so she is super friendly! She just wants to be right there with you, as close as possible, and doesn't mind being pet at all. We found out very quickly that she's still small enough to escape through the cattle panel fencing, so that was fun. She is a very vocal little goat, she makes the funniest noises. Her fleece is gorgeous too - soft and curly. 


And this is Little Hawk Farm Pippin, a black wether! Yes, his color is considered black, but his fiber is a gorgeous brown. He has a Type B fleece. Pippin was a little more shy than Eowyn upon arriving, but he's quickly warming up to us. He's just as vocal as her, and now that he's comfortable with a couple of us he just wants to hang out next to you and get head rubs. His fleece is unbelievably soft! I'm really looking forward to working with it. 


This is a huge step for us, our farm, and the business. All of this started with just one rabbit, and if you had told me that about 3 years later I'd have a larger herd of English Angoras and a couple of Pygora goats, I probably would have laughed at you. This was not the original plan when I got my first rabbit, but here I am! 

Right now, the plan is to get a buck and another doe next year, to fully establish the start of my breeding program. Yes, in a few years there will be baby Pygoras! I plan to work just with type A and type B fleeces, since I prefer the yield of those fleeces compared to type C. 

The reason that I chose Pygoras in the end was one deciding factor - their fiber does not coarsen as the goat ages, unlike with Angora goats. I really, really hate working with coarse fibers. Although I will have to dehair the fleeces, it'll be worth it to have beautiful soft fiber for years and years! I haven't decided which is my favorite fleece type yet, but I have a feeling it'll be B.  

I'll be shearing their kid fleeces in August, so that'll be the next adventure! Well, that and learning to trim hooves on goats that do not want to hold still. It's all fun though, yeah? I've heard over and over that goats are endlessly entertaining - and oh my, they definitely are! Every time I leave the pen to go do something, both goats immediately start yelling and chasing me down the fence line and continue to yell for several minutes after I'm out of sight. The cutest thing ever, though? Their ears! It's so funny to watch their little ears flap as they run, and I love the tail wagging they do too. 

I can officially say that I am a lot in love with these little goats.