Our Products

 We offer quality luxury fibers from our very own English Angoras and Pygora goats, as well as fiber blends, fibers sourced from other USA farms, handspun yarns and finished items. Quality is our number one focus - lots of attention to detail goes into the preparation of fiber for sale - making sure there’s no second cuts, hand picking out any remaining guard hairs from the pygora fiber, and preparing blends and other wool for sale with the utmost care.

Everything available can be purchased through our store, or if you prefer paypal, you can contact us through our email or social media pages to place an order!


Raw Angora Fiber

English Angora fiber is primarily what we have for sale! The fiber comes from our own rabbits, or is sourced from show breeder friends who I know have the same quality wool. This fiber is sold straight from the animal - it is very clean due to grooming prior to shearing, and there is none to absolute minimal second cuts or vegetation matter. The fiber is not washed, and doesn’t need to be - just grab a handful and start spinning! It is sold by the ounce.

Regrow Coats - typically what we have available - have a staple length of 3-4” and is $10 per ounce.

Show Coats - rarely for sale, but occasionally! - have a staple length of 5-10” and is $15 per ounce. This is the nicest fiber that is ever produced by an English Angora.

I also sell seconds - fiber that is usually .5-2” long, usually cut from the belly/chest/legs - for needle felting. While not spinnable, it is perfect for felting! This is sold for $5 per ounce.

All available English Angora wool can be seen here.

A video showing our shearing process can be seen here.


Dehaired Pygora Fiber

The other fiber we offer from our own animals is dehaired Pygora fiber! Everything is hand processed by us. First we shear the goats, and then the fiber is carefully washed. Once it’s washed, we use Valkyrie extra fine mini combs to dehair the fiber. This process removes all of the unwanted guard hairs - everything that makes the fiber itchy or coarse - and leaves only the beautiful, soft, spinnable fiber behind! Since we dehair by hand, a lot of attention goes into it - any guard hairs that the combs don’t remove are hand picked out, leaving behind only the nicest fiber. There may be a few stray ones left, but they fall right out when spinning! Fiber is sold by the ounce.

We offer two fleece types:

Type A fleece - comparable to mohair, very soft and lustrous! - from Eowyn. This fiber is white, and is usually 5-7” long and absolutely stunning. $15 per ounce.

Type B fleece - the uniquely pygora fleece, this is nearly as soft as angora but with a beautiful luster! - from Pippin. Fiber varies from silver gray to a soft brown, has a staple of 4-5”, and is oh so soft. $15 per ounce.

Available pygora fiber can be seen here.