Elementary Homestead is a small fiber farm near Kansas City MO, with a special focus on sustainable luxury fibers. Our goal is to provide quality wool and fibers to handspinners, as well as beautiful one of a kind handspun yarns to other crafters.

All of this started back in 2014, where after years of dreaming of moving out to land, we were finally able to make that change and settled on a 10 acre property in the summer. At this time we’d already had rabbits (but not angoras), and a small flock of chickens, but this opened up the opportunity to do a lot more.

I was already a knitter when we moved, and I later picked up crocheting, but the thought of raising fiber animals didn’t even occur to me until I started looking into getting rabbits again. Because that’s where this all comes from, really - my love of rabbits. When I found angoras - specifically, English Angoras - I was immediately sold. So within a year after that decision, I brought home my first English Angora. More of that story can be read here.

I learned to spin yarn a few months after getting my first angora, and got a wheel a little over a year after that. It wasn’t until early 2017 that I made the decision that raising fiber animals was what we wanted to do. Now, we have our angoras as well as two adorable Pygora goats!

We now raise a beautiful herd of purebred, show quality English Angora rabbits, breeding strictly to the ARBA Standard of Perfection for solid bodies and wonderful wool. Our herd varies in size, but stays pretty firmly around 6-15 animals at any given time, most of them younger grow outs for showing.We put a lot of focus into the wool - watching and tracking wool production, and breeding to improve coats with every litter, which allows us to breed wonderful show animals and to have great wool available in the shop. Careful, selective breeding programs with our fiber animals is the goal, and will allow us to provide the highest quality fiber or end product.

If you’d like to follow our journeys of homesteading, rabbit raising, fiber animals, fiber arts, and soapmaking, it will all be “documented” through our blog!


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