Our Pygora Goats


Little Hawk Farm Eowyn


Reg #: 18-36F
DOB: 3/2/18
White - Type A Fleece
Micron: Not yet tested!
Sire is HMR Rooster, Dam is HMR Willow Ella

Eowyn is a darling little girl with a bold personality. She was a bottle baby, so she is super friendly! She just wants to be right next to you and in your space, and loves being petted. She's very vocal, and you always know when she wants something because she will yell, constantly. I love her the silly noises she makes! She has the most beautiful fleece as well. 


Little Hawk Farm Pippin


Reg #: 18-25W
DOB: 2/25/18
Black - Type B Fleece
Micron: Not yet tested!
Sire is HMR Ringo, Dam is HMR Tiger Lilly

Pippin is a sweet black wether with the softest fiber - it's the most beautiful color! His kid fleece was a rich brown, and his yearling fleece the most beautiful gray. He's a little more on the shy side at first, but once he's warmed up to you he just wants attention and head scratches. He just likes to know that you're around, and will start yelling whenever I leave the pen to go do something. He's content to just stand next to you and receive affection, but he has a playful side as well!