Rabbit Sales Policy 


My Discretion

I reserve the right to cancel a sale at any time, for any undisclosed reason. These are my rabbits, and I am in control of who they go to. If I’m uncomfortable with a home, if something is questionable, if someone is rude, I will make the decision to cancel the sale if I believe it is the best option to not place a rabbit into this home. I am not obligated to sell you a rabbit, and I will place rabbits into homes that I feel are best for each individual rabbit.


Waiting Lists

I do not keep a waiting list for current or unborn litters, no exceptions. Rabbits are not available until I explicitly state that they are available - 8 weeks at the earliest, but rabbits will not leave my care until 10-12 weeks minimum. Rabbits are generally sold on a first come, first serve basis. However, if you are looking for something specific, feel free to contact me! I may have what you’re looking for on a case-by-case basis. I will keep a contact list, if you’d like to be considered for a rabbit in the future. This is not a guarantee that you will be sold a rabbit, or that I will even have what you’re looking for.



A nonrefundable deposit of 25%-50% of the total rabbit’s price is required to hold a rabbit. Rabbit will not be considered to be pending sale until I have received this deposit. Deposit amount is determined by the quality of rabbit and overall price. As stated, deposits are non-refundable except in cases where I am the one to cancel the sale. Once a deposit has been placed on a rabbit, remaining balance is due at the time of pickup, or prior to being picked up by a transporter. I will allow deposits to be transferred to a different rabbit, but if you cancel the sale, you forfeit the deposit. Rabbits will be held for a reasonable amount of time, as long as we agree on. If this agreement isn’t met, the rabbit will be placed up for sale again, and the deposit will not be refunded.



My angoras are sold either as Show Quality/Potential, Brood, or Fiber. Pricing depends on individual rabbit.

Show Quality/Potential: Priced $175+, no known DQs, and will come with pedigree and any show wins/comment cards/etc should they have any. This is a rabbit that I would personally put on the show tables, and believe has the potential to do well. I do not guarantee that the rabbit will place well or win things, as that is out of my control.

Brood: Priced $150+, no known DQs, and will come with their pedigree and all show wins/records should they have any. This is a rabbit that is no longer able to be shown (no longer in show coat), and is either ready to be moved into the breeding aspects of a program or is already proven.

Fiber: Priced $75-$125. These are rabbits that might have a DQ, or that I personally do not believe meets the Standard of Perfection for specific reasons. These rabbits are available to fiber homes only. It is my expectation and strong preference that these rabbits never be bred, and they will never be sold into breeding homes. They will not come with a pedigree.


Payment Options

Deposits will be taken through Paypal.
If rabbit is being picked up in person, the remaining balance is to be paid in cash.
If rabbit is being transported, full amount is to be paid through Paypal.

If Paypal is not an option for you, I can consider and work with other options on a case by case basis.


Terms Used on Sales Page

Available: Rabbit is available, no one has inquired about this rabbit or placed a deposit

Pending: Waiting on a deposit, but still technically available, sale may fall through so feel free to inquire about this rabbit

Hold: Deposit has been received, rabbit is not available

Sold: rabbit has been paid for in full, and is gone, and will be removed from the available rabbits page



I am willing to work with reputable ground transporters to transport my rabbits, as long as they are coming within reasonable distance from where I live. I have the right to refuse to send my rabbits with a specific transporter should I not feel comfortable with this individual.

I am willing to drop off any rabbits at whatever shows I am attending, or I will drive a reasonable distance to meet for pickup. Otherwise, I prefer buyers come pick up on location. My rabbitry is a closed facility (nobody will be allowed inside the rabbitry), but rabbits can be picked up at the homestead. This is preferred.

At this time, I will not ship my rabbits via airlines.


Health Guarantee/Replacements

All rabbits will be sold in complete good health, as I will not sell as rabbit that is sick or appears to not be doing well in any way. It is up to the buyer to thoroughly examine the rabbit upon pickup, and if I have any concerns about the rabbit you will be told in advance before pickup or transport is scheduled. I will guarantee the health of a rabbit for up to 5 days if picked up in person. I do not guarantee the health of a rabbit who has been transported, as I have had no control over what the rabbit has been exposed to.

If your rabbit dies within the first 5 days of pickup (if picked up in person), a replacement (of a rabbit of the same value) may be considered depending on the situation. However, I must be contacted immediately, not days or weeks later, or potential replacement will not be considered. I am not responsible for any vet bills.